Maintenance on machines from other manufacturer

Our well trained service personnel is available for proper service on your packaging lines. Wheather Hilutec or other manufacturer, just contact us.

Service for vacuum pump

If a customer buys a thermoformer from us, it normally will be a Busch vacuum pump. We service your pumps, even if it is not brought from Hilutec GmbH.

Parts service

We only install parts from brand-name manufacturers and do not relabel! It is up to you whether you buy your parts directly from Hilutec or from the manufacturer.

PTFE Coatings

PTFE coating in our own facilities. If the coating on your heating and sealing plates is damaged, they can no ensure reliable and trouble-free production, because they are subject to wear depending on the type of production and foil.

We can recoat your sealing plates and equip them with new heating elements. We weld damaged plates and refinish the contours.



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