Video remote support

For all our customers with a service contract we offer interactive AR Support for their machines (internet connection ist nessassery). This can be used for a short briefing or for an step by step Howto of setting your thermoformer new for other types of foil or for optimizing the settings for other products.

It is also possible to perform a guided maintenance with augmented reality support. For this, Hilutec offers in house trainings as well as trainings at your facility.

Your contact:

Andre Vettor


Telefon +49 5404 9189 40
Telefax +49 5404 9189 499
e-mail: send mail

So it is possible to offer qualified solutions or guided maintenance in a very short reaction time.

Almost any current Smartphone or tablet using iOS or an actual version of Android is supported.

For the ease of use it is much more comfordable to use smart glasses. The following models are recommended:

  • Vuzix Blade, M300XL, M400 smart glasses
  • RealWear HMT-1, HMT1Z1 smart glasses

Of course we will help you with configuration and implementing of each device. Give us a call…

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